Road Trip Gear Essentials for Self-Contained Travel


If you’re thinking that the best bet for travel right now is by road, you’re not alone. Though total trip numbers are down, AAA predicts that 97 percent of summer travel in 2020 will be by vehicle. The next step, in terms of social-distancing measures to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus: traveling self-contained.

What is self-contained travel? The technical definition for many campgrounds and public lands usually includes language about toilet systems and permanently installed wastewater holding tanks. In other words, an RV. Many road-trippers have taken note. Sales of RVs have been soaring, especially among first-time owners, according to Reuters. If a self-contained unit is required for a particular campground, rolling up in your compact won’t cut it. But from a broader practical standpoint, self-contained travel means carrying…

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