Riding Tips for New Mountain Bikers With Specialized Pro Dylan Sherrard


Dylan Sherrard found the question odd. Before dropping in on a local trail near his home in Kamloops, B.C., a fellow rider asked him, “What’s your PR on this descent?” Sherrard, in his emphatically Canadian manner, politely responded that he wasn’t sure; he doesn’t use Strava or care for tracking time on his rides. Astonished, the other rider added, “Wait, aren’t you a pro?”

It’s a fair question. The vast majority of elite and pro riders have embraced the fitness app as a way to track workouts, prove their mettle, and see how they stack up against the field. As a sponsored mountain biker, Sherrard’s answer is telling. He believes biking should be fun, creative, and inclusive, not competitive. This perspective goes all the way back to his childhood.


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