Review: GoSun Fusion Portable Hybrid Solar Oven


When comes to preparing a meal outdoors during the summer, messy charcoal, smoky fires, and cumbersome propane tanks are typically the most efficient ways to get your food cooked, but they’re not always the easiest options if you’re on the go. Enter the GoSun Fusion Solar + Electric hybrid oven.

Photo: Courtesy of GoSun

According to the brand, the Fusion is the world’s first solar oven that can also operate once the sun goes down—using a 12-volt charge from your car, boat, RV or even a portable powerbank. Use it when the sun’s out during midday, and then use it again for dinner when the skies go dark.

What It Is

The GoSun Fusion Solar + Electric hybrid oven is a powerful, portable oven that you can use just about anywhere and everywhere that…

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