Pro Surfer Albee Layer Answers Fans’ Questions About Big Waves, Kai Lenny, and Body Odor


When we first had the idea for this interview series, in which anyone and everyone can chime in with questions for their favorite surfers on social media, we knew we had to talk to Albee. Why? Because Albee is the most fun surfer in the world to troll. If you follow his Instagram, you know that Albee doesn’t take himself, or anything else, all that seriously.

Then again, he’s also one of the most credible voices in both big-wave and aerial surfing. In other words, you can ask him about anything from big-wave safety to the current state of his quarantine body odor, and you’re going to get something either interesting, or funny, or both. Just don’t ask him about the right way to describe a certain aerial rotation, because then we’ll be here all day. Oops, too late.

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