Pro Snowboarder Stale Sandbech’s Contest Playlist


The extreme contrast of Harlem-based rap vs. Led Zeppelin-like hybrid rock leads is what Stale Sandbech’s eclectic contest playlist is comprised of. High-energy mixes and both masculine types of music in their own way, these are the songs that Stale flat-spin 1440s to.

Stale has a snowboard style that stands out, so his sound selections are not entirely a shock. Still, when Stale showed off his six-track list for contest runs, it was interesting to find three songs by A$AP Ferg followed by three songs from Greta Van Fleet.

Photo: Courtesy of Clavin/Dew Tour

“Depending on what mood I’m in, for competition it has been either Greta Van Fleet or A$AP Ferg,” confirmed Stale, upon examination of his playlist. “They are a little different but they go hard. Lately ‘Safari…

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