Pro Snowboarder Danny Davis’ Spotify Playlists for Every Occasion


Want something warm to vibe to? Music that’s easy to move to, but mellow? Sounds like Danny Davis’ Tropical tracks. A bit of paradise in a playlist, with a mamba mix.

Or, there are the fast-paced, rebellious, full-of-attitude songs that makeup 9ers, Davis’ selects from the ’90s. As his childhood was a product of the ’90s, these songs certainly hold a special place near the angsty part of his heart.

Skuuuuuurt, in contrast, is code for a hip hop twist on easy-listening tunes. At times reminiscent of R&B, but it still feels classically gangster. The underlying theme of lyrically heavy tracks on ultra rhythmic beats keeps this list consistent.

Davis is a man of many tunes and a man of many words. Like all of us, he has many moods, each of which evokes a different taste in music. The four playlists he offered up here only reveal a small sample…

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