Physician and Climbing Legend Tom Herbert Talks Risk and COVID-19


“He was as sick as anybody could get and still survive.”

That was how Tom Herbert, M.D., explained the situation to KTVN 2 News after recently discharging a COVID-19 patient who had spent 29 days on a ventilator, kept in a coma while receiving a potentially life-saving plasma donations and breakthrough therapy treatments. Staff, visitors and reporters alike at Renown Health in Reno, NV, lined the halls and applauded as the recovered patient, Austin Meegan, 24, was wheeled out of the hospital in Birkenstocks and a Yoda T-shirt, with, of course, a protective white face mask.

Before Meegan’s treatment, various news sources reported that he had a single-digit chance of survival. Fortunately, recovered patient Thomas Gibson donated his plasma full of COVID-19 antibodies, as Herbert and his staff took on the task of caring for Meegan as his primary…

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