Photo Gallery: Hiking to Washington’s Hidden Lake Lookout


Words by Andy Cochrane and Johnie Gall.

There’s something ironic about sleeping in a retired fire lookout while surrounded by the smoke from nearby wildfires. But even the potential lung damage couldn’t keep us away from a night in Washington’s Hidden Lake Lookout.

Perched on the top of a granite peak just beyond the perimeter of North Cascades National Park, surrounded by 360-degree views of jagged mountain ranges and steep glaciers, there are very few places like Hidden Lake Lookout in the world, let alone just a few hours from a major U.S. metro area.

The Hidden Lake Lookout was built in 1932 and actively manned until it was decommissioned in 1953. It has been maintained by volunteers since, primarily by a group that calls itself “Friends of Hidden Lake Lookout.”…

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