Periodized Nutrition: When to Go Low Carb


The carbohydrate has had a bit of a hard time recently. Carbs make us fat, sugar is evil, and we should all switch to a high-fat diet or we will get diabetes. While that may sound extreme it certainly isn’t a rare opinion. We, humans, love to see things in black and white and nowhere is a better example of this than in the fitness and nutrition world.


People love to put themselves in one group or another. Try telling a cyclist they should do some strength work, or tell a bodybuilder a bit of cardio won’t make their training go amiss and you’ll quickly find yourself in an argument. It is a similar situation with the popularity of low-carb diets. There is some basis for advocating a reduction in carbohydrate consumption, especially refined carbs, and simple sugars. But does that mean we should all go from the classic high-carb diet to a ketogenic diet?



The more we learn…

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