Outdoor Mentor Program Adapts to the Pandemic, Fight for Social Justice


For many Americans, 9/11 was a watershed moment—especially those living in New York City. Take Steve Larosiliere, for whom the close-to-home events triggered “a crisis of consciousness.” It’s a moment that he compares to the cultural reckoning that is happening now in such uncertain times. “People are seeing their environment change,” Larosiliere says, explaining how such timing set him on a path toward mentorship.

“That was when I started to mentor foster kids—kids from…low income,” he says, before another noticeable hesitation. “I started mentoring Black kids.”

Larosiliere went on to found STOKED with Selema “Sal” Masekela. Stoked connects kids with mentors in action sports to provide opportunity and access while teaching leadership. To this point, the organization’s used phrases like “urban” and “at risk,”…

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