One Tip To Transform Your Incline Bench Press


The incline dumbbell press is one of, if not the most effective exercise for targeting the upper portion of the chest. This move has been a staple in the chest routines of bodybuilders for many decades.

So, you may be asking, if it’s not broke, why try to fix it?

It’s not that this upper-chest exercise needs fixing, per se, but there is a way to make a good thing even better. In fact, one simple adjustment is all it takes to turn a good exercise into a muscle-growing great one.

A Minor Tweak for Major Results

The dumbbells don’t have to be in a perfect parallel position, but if you turn them so your palms face each other a little more, you’ll find that your shoulders and elbows also make the adjustment, allowing you to lower the weights farther on each rep. This gives you a deeper stretch in the upper pecs and helps keep tension on them longer.


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