Old Tub Bonded Bourbon Whiskey Review


A new release of Old Tub bourbon is reinventing the brand with an applause-worthy twist and a laudable price point. But before we get to what’s great about this whiskey, we should probably address the question on most minds: What, exactly, is Old Tub?

Even the nerdiest bourbon fans will probably have to kick-start the backup hard drive to get to memories of Old Tub bourbon. The 140-year-old brand was among the first whiskeys ever produced by the Beam family, which is now known for the likes of Knob Creek, Booker’s, Baker’s, and Jim Beam. But it’s mostly been out of production for decades.

Old Tub hasn’t been totally dormant though. For some time it’s been available as a distillery exclusive. You could pick up 375 ml flasks of it in the gift shop before or after a tour. The overlooked bottling was just four years old, and bottled in bond…

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