Moto Meets Mountain Biking in ‘LIFTOFF’


META presents “LIFTOFF,” a love letter to the stars. This is a moto video, featuring dirt bikes with combustible-powered engines–clearly an unusual thing here on We absolutely get it if you’re only here for mountain bikes, more power to you. But if you have a few minutes, if you see the beauty in desert expanses and the freedom of exploration, or if you are a fan of filmmaking or two wheels in the broader sense of the phrase, this is a must-watch.

BIKE contributors Wiley Kaupas and Lear Miller, alongside Kasen Schauman and Nash Howe, teamed up with Rooted MTB downhill racers Austin Hackett-Klaube and Harrison Ory to create this piece. It’s an interpretation of desert canvasses through the eyes of mountain bikers; with a focus on creativity, style and beauty.


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