Michter’s 10 Year Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys Are Perfect


Michter’s annual release of 10-Year Single Barrel whiskeys is often one of the best things to look forward to for mid-market limited editions, but this year it’s outdone itself.

The 2020 release of 10-Year Bourbon and 10-Year Rye leaves Michter’s with a couple of home runs. Michter’s highest-end releases (including the 10, 20, 25, and Celebration bottlings) are well known among collectors for exceptional excellence, and it’s something you can depend on Michter’s to deliver every time. We know this because it’s made the tough decision in previous years to forgo these lucrative releases just because they weren’t good enough.

As with previous years, these are cornerstone Michter’s whiskeys, and the expectation is that it will always deliver three-star value. Michter’s 2020 release of 10-Year Bourbon is one of the most beautiful…

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