Macallan’s Double Cask Whiskies Are Crowd-Friendly Delights


The new Double Cask scotch whisky releases from The Macallan are incredible sequels to a modest but promising 2016 release. Double Cask 15 and 18 are bigger, better instant classics. Before we can talk about these new bottles, we need to discuss the Double Cask line, and how it compares to Macallan’s other bottles.

Macallan has been known for European sherry casks. The distillery’s classic “sherry bomb” character relies of freshly emptied ex-sherry casks made of European oak to layer nutty, syrupy sweet flavors of fig and prune, chocolate and baking spice. That’s the character of the whiskies that have become legendary in the collectors market, sometimes earning over $1 million per bottle at auction.

Over the last decade, Macallan has added variety to its range in the form of new oak sources. It first created the Fine Oak series (a mix of…

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