Linda Cardellini on ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ and Her Love of Game Shows


Linda Cardellini, the co-star and a producer of Netflix’s Dead to Me talks about dating your friends, her lifelong love of game shows, and the likelihood of a Freaks and Geeks reboot.

Men’s Journal: Dead to Me is about grief, friendship, and what we’re willing to forgive. Your character hits it off right away with Christina Applegate’s, and they become inseparable. Do you find friendship to be that intense in real life?

Linda Cardellini: I think it’s representational of female friendship. Female friendship is messy. That best friend is the first to tell you you’re messy, but also, if somebody else calls you crazy or messy, they’re the first to defend you. I think female friendships are like family. We’re pretty open about crying, we’re pretty open about anger, and that open communication is what any relationship relies on.

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