Knob Creek Releases 9- and 12-year Bourbons This Month


Two great Kentucky bourbons are back this month: Knob Creek makes its triumphant return to a 9-year age statement, and it will release a new batch of Knob Creek 12-Year Bourbon. The two new releases are a good sign for bourbon supply—though the 12-year is a new product released last year, the 9-Year bourbon was discontinued nearly half a decade ago, with no word on if or when it would ever return.

Knob Creek announced it would be dropping the 9-year label in the fall of 2016, as demand during the bourbon boom began to aggressively outpace supply.

Whiskeys, by law, can only be labeled with the age of the youngest liquid used in the recipe in most countries. Typically, a 9-year whiskey is actually a blend of whiskeys ranging from 9-15 years of age, or more; small batch whiskeys are rarely, if ever, composed entirely of whiskeys of a single age, because…

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