Knob Creek 15 Year Bourbon Bottle Review


The Knob Creek releases just keep on coming. It was only a few months ago the producer of small batch bourbons (under the Jim Beam umbrella) introduced a new 12-year bourbon to the brand’s permanent portfolio. That release closely followed the resurrection of a 9-year-old age statement for the brand’s flagship bourbon. Now the distillery has dropped its oldest age-statement liquid ever, a limited edition 15-year-old straight bourbon whiskey bottled at 100 proof.

All this seems to bode well for Knob Creek’s supply chain. The distillery had to drop the 9-year age statement from its lineup back in 2016 as its bourbon stocks became stretched amid surging demand. Age-statement whiskeys are generally a blend of whiskeys of varying ages, but regulations dictate the age-statement reflect the youngest whiskeys in the blend. When demand outpaces…

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