Kebabs and Skewer Recipes to Boost Your Grilling Game


Cooking over fire is one of the best ways to not only make a delicious meal, but to also spend time outside—whether alone or with family or roommates. Rather than simply slapping a few burgers or hot dogs on the flames, why not up your grilling game with the introduction of skewers? Here’s a few tips for using skewers right and making memorable kebabs.

Consider Your Options

Authentic Asheville

You can find skewers at most grocery stores, home improvement stores, and online. Most people opt for stainless steel skewers, bamboo or wood, although you can get a little more creative and use rosemary.

Stainless steel

One of the big benefits of using stainless steel skewers is that they are reusable and durable. Many are long enough and have a handle that allows you to flip whatever you’re…

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