Kayaker Gets Run Over by a Motorboat, Then Catches the Fish of His Life


August 31, 2019 was shaping up as an unforgettable day even before kayak angler Adam Irino got steamrolled by a motorboat… and then caught the biggest fish of his life.

Adam and two friends launched their kayaks early that morning from Rockaway Beach, a few miles south of San Francisco. As the sun crept over the horizon they were already offshore, following a pod of Pacific grey whales to schools of anchovy. As the whales gulped the little silver fish by the ton, Adam and his friends each pulled up a handful to use as live bait, then headed for deeper water.

The salmon run had started to tail off, and the boys were determined to land a few of the hard-fighting and delicious fish before the season closed. The fishing started slow, but the morning was nonetheless full of memorable moments.

Earlier, the whales had breached so close that Adam and his…

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