Juliana Bicycles’ Pro Rider Works the Coronavirus Frontlines


When Alex Pavon leaves work, she does so in fresh hospital-issued scrubs that she’ll change out of as soon as she gets home and put into decontamination, then it’s immediately into the shower, trying not to touch anything as she moves around her apartment. Only then, will she consider briefly seeing her family, with whom she’s very close, but mostly she spends her limited free time alone—practicing yoga in the living room, hiking or backcountry skiing solo. This is Pavon’s life now, as an EMT during the coronavirus pandemic.

You may recognize Pavon from her much more recognizable role as a pro rider for Juliana Bicycles, but her ‘real job,’ the one she does behind the scenes without any fanfare, is a full-time EMT for the emergency department at the hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she lives.

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