John Cena Is Just Getting Started


To be clear, Cena is unfailingly polite (not to mention military-grade punctual). By all accounts, he was the same on the set of F9, which was shot on multiple continents.

“There’s a sequence that involves John zip-lining in Edinburgh,” says the film’s director, Justin Lin. “It must’ve been the most annoying thing for him to shoot, because we ended up hanging him on that zip line for several days. But John had a lot of trust in the crew and the stunt team and kept coming back happy to do it again.”

During our chat, on the other hand, Cena doesn’t come to life until we start talking about—of all things—Dr. Brené Brown, the prominent thinker and professor whose popular 2010 TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” posits that self-actualized, happy people have one thing in common: the belief that vulnerability makes you beautiful. What she advocates for is a…

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