Jason Momoa Discusses Directing and Producing New Motorcycle Series


Jason Momoa is a counterculture rebel. There’s a reason he’s our Khal Drogo, our Conan the Barbarian, and our superhero, the Aquaman. It’s quite simple: Momoa is a badass, a superhuman man-beast whose heart pumps motor oil and stomach starves for speed. He bleeds for motorcycles, for their part in American history, and for the tradition of it all. Recently, Momoa has made it his mission to use his talents to share the best that motorcycle culture has to offer.

In support of the United We Will Ride campaign, Momoa produced and directed a six-part series highlighting real Harley-Davidson riders around the United States. While this introductory video features Momoa’s gritty and captivating message for navigating COVID-19 and journeying forward to new destinations, the forthcoming series will focus on a range of riders and custom culture bike…

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