Jamie Foy Reveals Details as Skate Ambassador to U.S. Olympic Committee


Skateboarders don’t come any more core than Jamie Foy, but Foy’s respect spans far beyond the streets. This past April, the Deathwish Skateboards pro and 2017 Thrasher SOTY, Foy was announced as the elected Athlete Representative for skateboarding to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOCP)—a major responsibility passed on to the perfect person.

For Foy, priority number one is to have fun. The reason why any of us ride skateboards is for just that, and Foy is excited to help keep that same focus applied to how contests function for the people that are actually in them. With his background of coming up through the competition scene in Florida, Foy knows the contest ways better than most. Considering the impact the Olympics has already had on skateboard contests in recent years, it’s great to know there is an ambassador such as…

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