Italy, Spain and Other Countries Close Beaches Amid COVID-19 Crisis


Monday morning, on Instagram, Joel Tudor posted an image of a surfer walking down an empty beach with a barreling wave in the background. The caption says, simply: “Only thing they can’t close!”

Except, maybe they can?

Italy, one of the countries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, went on full lockdown last week, closing all schools, shops and sporting events, officials ordering people to stay home, except for essential travel. And, as it turns out, that order extends to the beach, with fines for those who disobey the rules. According to Italian surfer Nik Zanella, “the ban on outdoor activities will be in place till April 03. While it doesn’t mention surfing explicitly, every time you go out of your house you need to fill a self-declaration that states where you go and why.” Zanella continues: “Police stop you, analyze what you wrote…

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