Is This the Most Dangerous Hike in a National Park?


National Parks may feel tame, but hike the steep and craggy Precipice Trail in Maine’s Acadia National Park and you’re sure to get the adrenaline kick you’re looking for.

Located on the east face of Champlain Mountain, the walk is widely considered the most dangerous hike of Acadia. While it’s not a technical climb, the steep vertical drops and exposed cliffs make it extremely hazardous. (The hike is no joke—a 22-year-old woman fell to her death here.)

Sometimes the only way to stay on the hike is to grasp a primitive iron ring or pull yourself up a metal ladder jutting out from the sharp granite. Tackle this trek, and you’ll look at National Parks in a whole new way.

The stats: 1,058 feet final elevation, 1.6 miles round-trip, budget 3 hours, no dogs, and children under 5-feet 2-inches tall may not be able to do this hike.


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