Interview With Thomas Campbell About His Latest Film ‘Ye Olde Destruction’


Thomas Campbell’s latest passion project, Ye Olde Destruction, just premiered on our site last week after touring around the world for more than a year. We caught up with Thomas to follow up on our original interview with him in 2018 and see how he pulled off his unique premieres and what he learned from it all. Dive in.

What was the spark to get you back into another skate project?

When I was a kid, the way I looked at skateboarding was in the mindset of like Mark Gonzales, Dan Drehobl or Phil Shao, just people that looked at skating like, “What is there to skate? Let’s skate it.” That’s the school I came from, “Oh, there’s a ditch. Let’s skate it.” “Oh, there’s a pool. Let’s skate it.” It didn’t really matter. We skated everything.

I think I just got turned off in the ’90s with the divisions that started taking place…

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