Inside Golden Saddle Cyclery, the Most Famous Bike Shop in L.A.


Maybe you love your local bike shop. Maybe you don’t even know where it is. But chances are, your LBS is probably not where you go to while away a Saturday afternoon. When you’re there, it’s for a reason—to get that flat fixed, or to throw down some cash and ride out with a new bike. If you’re not considering a bicycle-related business transaction, most bike shops don’t have much to offer. Unless you’re at L.A.’s Golden Saddle Cyclery.

Golden Saddle is an institution in Los Angeles. In a city that’s known for freeways and mind-melting traffic, Golden Saddle is spreading the doctrine of cycling, celebrating the amazing riding the City of Angels has to offer. Since opening its doors back in 2011, the shop, located just off Sunset Boulevard in the trendy neighborhood of Silver Lake, has become a destination for cyclists in L.A. and…

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