I Tried Oskar Blues’ French’s Mustard Beer & You’ll Relish the Chance, Too


The pandemic has upset the apple cart of everyday life, impacting school, weddings, restaurants, sports, and even beer. Yes, beer! It’s no longer possible to spend lazy afternoons lounging at taprooms, sipping flights of fancy liquids. People are stocking up and heading home, cold cans providing comfort in a world gone crazy.

Only my beer choices are reassuringly normal. In addition to supporting my local breweries, I’ve filled my fridge with pilsners, pale ales, and IPAs from Bitburger, Sierra Nevada, and Firestone Walker—certified tickets to happiness, not disappointment.

In the Before Times, I would’ve gladly glugged every offbeat ferment. Glitter beer? Lucky Charms–inspired IPA? Spaghetti sauce–inspired sour ale? Bring it on. American brewing’s hallmark is boundary-free experimentation. If brewers can dream it, they can probably…

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