How to Make Your Own Sunscreen


There are two things that confuse me—Okay, more than two, but for the sake of argument, I’m really baffled by essential oils and sunscreen.

My wife’s devotion to essential oils is feeling a little cultish these days. I just don’t know how magnolia oil is supposed to improve my life, or how the kumquat oil is going to upgrade my mood, but she’s got a million little vials that’ll fix what ails ya.

And when I go outside, what kind of sunscreen should I be using? What sunscreen is okay to smear all over my daughter? What sunscreen is going to kill the reefs? There’s so much information and so many perspectives out there it can begin to feel overwhelming. But when I look at the ingredients on the back of the tube of any over-the-counter sunscreen, they’re filled with chemicals that are hard to pronounce and who knows what they do once they…

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