How to Make the Best Damn Bacon You’ve Ever Tasted


The smell of bacon is intoxicating. The unmistakable scent of the sizzle can make you instantly change course and beeline for the source. And the taste? It’s addicting. Its rich and savory flavor makes an OK sandwich excellent. Though you can certainly find quality bacon in many restaurants and delis, you should know how to make your own. Let’s dish out our top tips on making the best damn bacon on Earth. Life is too short to put up with limp, undercooked bacon that could have been amazing.

Erin McGrady for Men’s Journal

Start With Quality Bacon

One of the most obvious tips for amazing bacon actually has nothing to do with the preparation. It’s simple: You must start with a high-quality piece of meat. We recommend a quick online search of your area and pulling up the name of a local

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