How to Make Cast Iron Shrimp Pesto Pizza


Cast iron is king as far as cooking appliances go. You can toss it in the oven. Pop it over a campfire. Let it do its thing on the stovetop. It sears steaks to perfection, yields bubbling cobblers, and caramelizes vegetables with ease. You know what else you can add to that list? It makes a killer pizza. I’m hooked on this shrimp-pesto number from Lodge Cast Iron. But first, a little more about their latest offering of skillets.

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I recently got my hands on the Blacklock Skillet. Available in 7, 10.25, 12, and 14.5″, these skillets sport a lighter-than-usual construction, thanks to slightly thinner walls. The assist handle also allows for greater ease of use and control (no more wrist-breaking, one-handed schleps). The Blacklock line is triple seasoned to be naturally nonstick, which I put to the test with an ambitious baking project:…

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