How to Make a Used Truck or SUV Overland Ready


Overland travel is hitting critical mass; in fact, it’s appropriately appealing now that camping has become this summer’s most popular social-distancing activity. This is especially true for dispersed camping options on public BLM or national forest land, with many states closing their popular campgrounds to avoid large groups congregating in close proximity.

The challenge with accessing ideal locations is that getting off the beaten path requires a capable, high-clearance 4×4 vehicle. Think of it as backpacking with a truck; instead of a hiking trail, a bumpy road will lead you to some equally pristine wild areas.

If you’re new to the idea, buying or even building a new rig can be cost-prohibitive. Good 4x4s off the lot are north of $30K, and upgrades for self-sufficient off-road travel may inspire buyer’s remorse, with thoughts that, “I…

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