How to Make a Great Gin and Tonic, According to the Pros


For those of us who have had a bad gin and tonic, there’s plenty to fear in the unknown. G&Ts are a bit of an unknown quantity when it comes to bars—the unknown quantity specifically being how much gin is or isn’t in the drink.

A bad gin and tonic can go wrong from erroneous proportions, but everything from bad tonic to bad garnishes can make a bad drink worse, even when it comes to something so simple as a two ingredient drink.

When you’ve had a great one, on the other hand, it’s a sensation you’ll chase again and again: the brisk sensation of bitter and bold flavors, the effervescence carrying aromas full speed through your nostrils before the first drop even hits your lips.

But don’t let the simplicity of a good G&T, or the memory of a bad one, turn you off from making one on your own.

“Like many simple cocktails,” explains…

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