How to Grow Your Own Food in an Urban Resilience Garden


At this point in the pandemic, you’ve likely seen how stay-at-home orders to limit the spread of the coronavirus have led to a gardening boom. The desire to grow one’s own food has nurseries across the nation—deemed essential businesses that can stay open—bombarded by swelling demand. Credit the increased green-thumb interest to a drop in grocery shopping appeal, with its obvious transmission risks, mask mandates, empty shelves, and distancing guidelines (not to mention, more time at home to cultivate a garden). In short, food self-sufficiency is on the rise.

Apartment dwellers in urban environments might assume that this gardening resurgence does not apply to them. Little to no available outdoor space, however, does not mean you’re stuck harvesting produce from a store, and not the soil. There’s actually a good amount of food you can grow…

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