How to Grow and Maintain Healthy Facial Hair


Whether you’re growing your first beard or are determined to grow your best-ever beard, there are ways you can ensure success. (In terms of beard growing, “success” means that you reach your full potential for a great-looking beard, no matter its length.)

These tips are universal in that they’ll help you set realistic expectations for how the beard will look—for example, perhaps your beard is patchy, but you can still make the most of it. You shouldn’t be discouraged just because your beard isn’t as full as James Harden’s. Lots of guys have great beards and they’re working with far less.

Again, the rules can be applied to every guy’s own beard growth. Follow them, and you’ll grow the healthiest, most lustrous beard possible.

Know your limits, and your potential
What’s the most frequent question guys ask regarding their beard?…

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