How to Get Andy Samberg’s ‘Palm Springs’ Style


In Palm Springs on Hulu, Andy Samberg plays Nyles, an eccentric charmer who gets stuck living the same day over and over again at a friend’s wedding. Since a good portion of the movie takes place in this time loop, there was special attention paid to the outfit that Samberg was going to endlessly rock. “We wanted the fashion in the movie to look timeless in a way,” costume designer Colin Wilkes tells Men’s Journal.

The screenplay already detailed that Nyles would be wearing swim trunks paired with a Hawaiian shirt, so Wilkes took that framework and ran with it. “I started looking at a lot of old Martin Parr photography and just general images of ‘cool dads’ for reference,” she says. “There was the goal to make him look like the quintessential man of leisure.”

Samberg, who…

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