How to Build a Climbing Wall at Home


Looking for a silver lining? Quarantine life has definitely helped a lot of us get to those long-neglected projects around the house. Bored of bread and wrecked from weeding, I finally succumbed to my 14-year-old daughter’s perennial request to build her a home climbing wall.

At first glance, I almost went running back to that finicky sourdough starter. A quick Google search made me feel like I was wading into waters that were too deep for my nascent carpentry skills. But my daughter’s sad face—she’s a competitive climber who is really missing her 4-days-a-week climbing gym workouts—and my love of a good project made me persevere.

It’s not a simple task, but you can build a climbing wall at home and the joys definitely outlive a slice of bread. Here are a few tips I…

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