How the Stroopwafel Could Help Power Your Next Outdoor Adventure


If someone asked, “Want an energy waffle?” what would be the first thing that popped into your mind?

A crispy, fluffy Eggo smothered with some questionably healthy, sugar-coma-inducing toppings?

For those not “in the know” on the energy waffle, don’t be bummed. The phenomenon actually started centuries ago in the Netherlands, when bakers in the Dutch town of Gouda began making what they called Stroopwafels—literal translation “syrup waffle”—a hand-pressed treat concocted of sweet syrup made from beet sugar and thin, crisp wafers.

Heated over a cup of coffee or tea, the energy waffle is a warm, gooey energy source. Photo: Rip Van Wafels

But the small-yet-filling (and interestingly satisfying) treat has only really risen in US markets in recent years, particularly with the…

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