How Pro Skateboarder Ryan Decenzo Finds Balance Between Hip-Hop and Rock-n-Roll


Like many skateboarders, Ryan Decenzo’s music choice is heavily influenced by the skate videos and his friends growing up. From the punk-rock featured in Zero videos to the mix of hip-hop and moody instrumentals in TransWorld Skateboarding edits, Ryan prefers a wide variety.

“My friends and I were super into Dr. Dre, The Chronic, 2001, Still Dre, when I was coming up,” says Ryan. “When I would be hanging out with my dad, he would be listening to like classic rock and country-rock. I’d be hyped if we could get a Metallica song in there while we were on a road trip.”

When asked if he favors one genre of music over the other, Ryan says he needs the balance of having both. “Hip-hop has chill songs too, and then rock-n-roll will have intense, upbeat songs that get…

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