How Michelin-Starred Chef Teague Moriarty Keeps It Simple at Home


Teague Moriarty makes Michelin-starred food at Sons & Daughters in San Francisco, but at home, he’s all about batching chicken thighs and eating his mom’s special pesto with the family. — As told to Adam Erace

Mocktail Time: Seedlip

I got sober when I was 24, after getting fired from my job. I drink a lot of LaCroix, and when I want more of a cocktail, Seedlip is great. It’s an herbal mixer that’s distilled like a spirit but has no alcohol. It’s like the gin in my gin and tonic.

smirart / Shutterstock

Cooking for Kids: Pesto

My daughter is 7 years old and a tough critic. Her favorite thing for dinner is store-bought ravioli with my mom’s pesto. Since I was a kid, my mother has kept a huge garden, and every fall she makes big batches of pesto from her basil plants and always saves me a quart. My daughter, my fiancée, and I have the pesto…

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