How Lone Star Won the Beer Alamo


They say things are bigger in Texas. Houston’s San Jacinto Monument was built 13 feet taller than the Washington Monument to commemorate 10 years of independence as the Republic of Texas. On top, there’s a 220-ton concrete star, the official symbol of the Lone Star state. Unofficially, perhaps the biggest symbolic middle finger in America. The state’s best-known beer is biggest where it matters most: a Texas-sized personality.

Lone Star declared itself the National Beer of Texas in 1980, a full 144 years after the state stopped being a country—you don’t win around these parts by fussing over small details like market share or taste. You win the hearts and minds of Texans by stoking state pride with secessionist vibes.

In an age when the IBUs of microbrew IPAs are flashed across…

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