How Chef Tyler Akin Is Shifting Gears During the Pandemic


In February, Philadelphia-based chef and restaurateur Tyler Akin had three successful establishments under his belt—two locations of his pho bar, Stock, and Res Ipsa, a daytime café that transforms into a destination for pastas at night—and a fourth on the way, the reimagining of the historic Green Room at the tony Hotel DuPont in Akin’s hometown of Wilmington, DE.

“It was relatively smooth sailing, with systems and staff that really cares in place to afford me the opportunity to explore other projects [like] the DuPont,” says Akin. “This was by far my biggest project to date—I’ve been working on it for two years now.” Then the pandemic hit, and everything screeched to a halt like a car in need of new brakes.

The Pivot:

Akin went against the take-out…

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