How Chef Michael Schulson Lost 35 Pounds in Less Than 3 Months


When COVID-19 forced chef and restaurateur Michael Schulson to halt his always-on-the-move schedule, the 61-year-old had no choice but to find a change of pace. Here’s how he lost 35 pounds in two and a half months.

When your entire career revolves around food—creating dishes, prepping, cooking, taste-testing—it’s not easy to maintain a steady weight or healthy habits. Especially when you factor in the hallmarks of the restaurant biz: long, tiring days spent on your feet; wonky work hours that turn your sleep patterns haywire; and a limited selection of healthy late-night eateries (not to mention waning energy to cook your own meal).

While that might paint an oversimplified, perhaps stereotypical picture, chef Michael Schulson, CEO and founder of Schulson Collective, a network of Philadelphia restaurants (with a few other outposts on the…

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