How an At-Home Rock Climbing Hangboard Can Improve Your Climbing


Unless you live near a rock-climbing gym (lucky!) or, better yet, a naturally occurring rock-climbing wall (luckier!), at some point you’ll probably consider buying a hangboard—but what the heck do you do with it after you’ve nailed it to a beam in the basement? There’s a lot—I repeat, a lot—of information about how to use the at-home climbing trainer, but how you train with it really depends on your athletic goals.

What Is It?

A hangboard is one of a few basic home-training tools for rock climbers. It looks like the rock holds you’d find at a climbing gym, but it’s typically long and thin and offers a variety of different features, from big jugs you can paw with your entire hand to thin ledges to tiny pockets you can barely fit a knuckle into.

Why Do People Use One?

Hangboard training is one of the best ways to build finger,…

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