Heavy Bench Day? You Need Mark Bell’s Self-Unrack Guide


Your workout partner ditched you again on heavy bench day. Now, you are not only missing your number-one hype man, but you don’t have a spotter. You also don’t feel like reluctantly trusting a gym rando to hand you a heavy barbell. But not benching isn’t an option—it’s your poverty lift of the big three.

This is why it’s important for any lifter to learn how to properly set themselves up for a solid bench press. If you train at home, or at an hour where spotters are a luxury you don’t have in the gym, it’s doubly necessary (although, to be clear, having pins or safeties is still a good idea). Heck, even if you compete in powerlifting, it’s invaluable in case you were to ever get a bad hand-off at a meet.

Whether you’re aiming to bench 300 or whatever feels heavy to you, your unrack routine should be consistent and safe, resulting in the most…

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