Gordon Ramsay on Wildest Adventures From ‘Uncharted’


Chef Gordon Ramsay took up triathlons to get in shape. Little did he know they’d set the groundwork for the most physically demanding TV program of his career, Uncharted. — as told to Charles Thorp

Gordon Ramsay Gets Candid: Doing Triathlons Saved My Life

In Uncharted, I’m parachuting into places for a week, trying to keep up with regional chefs on their home turf, collecting ingredients from the tops of mountains to the bottom of the ocean. The lifestyle required to be at your best for a triathlon keeps me in check. And being fit allows me to say yes to more opportunities.

Going Uncharted

I took the preparation for Uncharted seriously. In Guyana, I had to rappel 250 feet out of a helicopter, so I did a special upper-body routine with pullups and holds to help me grapple onto the rope with the…

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