Global Surf Tourism Grinds to a Halt Due to COVID-19 Pandemic


Authorities started to close beaches on the Bukit Peninsula in Bali this week, leaving lineups that are usually teeming with surfers from across the globe all but empty.

“There was one person out at Uluwatu on Tuesday,” said resident photographer Hamish Humphries. “It was head high and offshore. He must have snuck out somehow because they’ve closed Padang Padang, they’ve closed Uluwatu, and there’s probably more to follow.”

The lockdown on the Bukit beaches follows a recent spate of coronavirus deaths on the island. The Indonesian government has since suspended the country’s one-month visa on arrival in an effort to curb the pandemic, effectively halting tourism across the archipelago.

“A lot of people have already packed up and left due to the uncertainty,” said…

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