Giant Factory Gravity Team Pinned in Portugal


Boy, we miss racing. With more and more World Cup races officially dropping off the calendar (Lenzerheide last week, Les Gets today), we’re beginning to really appreciate every second of footage out there of top pros riding at speed. This time, it’s the Giant Factory Gravity team of Jacob Dickson, Mckay Vezina, Youn Deniaud and Matthew Sterling on rails in Portugal at their team camp earlier this year.

“Shot from the small village of Talasnal high above Lousa, this video was supposed to drop as we descended on the first race of the year on the track below. With racing back on the horizon, the time is now!” – Giant Factory Off Road Team

We didn’t go quite as quickly on it, but find our review of the Giant Reign 29 that the Giant Factory Gravity EWS fellas are riding HERE.

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