Food Intolerances: Should I Get Tested?


Food has a social component that is integral to every culture and society on our planet. However, food can be foe as well as friend, food intolerances can negatively impact our quality of life and in the case of food allergies they can even be lethal. If we ask Google, from headaches to acne nearly every single ailment can be attributed to a food or diet and usually the cure is also attributed to a different food or diet.


The “free from” industry is booming, when I first moved to the city I currently live in if I wanted gluten free products I would have had to go to a pharmacy and, with luck, they would be in the corner collecting dust along with those weird herbal sweets your grandmother used to love. Fast forward two years and now entire sections of supermarkets are dedicated to gluten and lactose free products. This is obviously a great thing, especially for people with…

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